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Musicverb is the booking agency software to showcase artists by email, manage contacts, track deals and results. It is the perfect tool to enable your booking, activate leads, help you focus on the hottest deals and get your work done! Sign up for free on www.musicverb.com.

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Musikki is a living music platform that aims to bring together all the World's musical knowledge, content and services. Find everything about the artist, album or song; buy and listen; follow artists and get notified of upcoming releases and shows.

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Place and Tickets is the way to go to cultural, business, leisure or sports events. We provide easy access to events where finding transportation, tickets and accommodation can be a true hassle!

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Satta is a modern music streaming platform, that focuses on researching and offering a better knowledge of advanced music in it's deepest sense. We invite curated artists to be part of our community and ask them to create a 1 hour sets of music for a specific situation, mood or task. We add that set to our library and deliver to the user based on his taste and situation he is into too. 

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SeatWish is a social marketplace where users can securely Sell, Buy, Swap Secondary market tickets/e-tickets and make awesome deals! We implement a special bidding mechanism that allows users to buy tickets at inferior prices than all competitors. Also, users can also Follow Artists, Venues and events such as Concerts, Festivals and Sports and get personalised recommendations.

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Tradiio enables fans to access amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.